When you reach out to us here at Burbage Consulting LLC about the services we provide, we following the process:

We will make an appointment for a phone interview with you. We will have a discussion with you about what you feel your needs are for your particular situation at your facility. Maybe you are coming up on your recertification dates for your inspectors and need them tested and requalified. Do you have a potential new inspector that needs training? Maybe you have questions about a procedure, maybe you want an outside opinion on how your NDT Department is functioning and what could be done to improve it. We can help you!

We will listen to you and have a conversation about these questions to determine how we can solve those problems or concerns that you have. After this conversation, we will send you a list of documents that we will need to review. After reviewing your documents, we will have a better idea of where your NDT Department stands. We will then have a discussion with you about the results of our review and have suggestions on how we will help you resolve your concerns.

If needed we will schedule an on-site visit to meet you and your staff, do a walk-thru, talk to those involved and provide a written plan for you to review. After this process is completed, we will send you a proposal outlining the work along with a quote. After your approval, we will start working to resolve your problems.